Come Closer

Easily feening for Marshmallow pillows That sleeps upon time Tired yawning echoes through the walls Scented air breeze upon my twisting body Comfort is hard to find as the Blush cotton cuddles around me I hear him Creeping slowly against the shadows creak, step, creak Crawling past the dim light Past the shaded windows Climbing in the calm sheets Creating warmth against me Hovering over … Continue reading Come Closer


As the wind calmsAs the dusk settlesFrom the near distanceMidnight arrives bestowing mythThat once you see a gleam from the last starThe night’s shadow will dim over the oceanCreating waves that will birth 9 mysticsThat must collect spirits toReplace the fading starsBefore the dawn wakes -QWEEN Credits Cover Photo by Kaitlyn Jade from Pexels Poem by Qween Continue reading Myth