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My writing is my home

My writing is my home. Sometimes it’s warm and cozy like a lover’s bed. Another time, a dizzy rabbit hole. I write about feelings, tasting them for flavor and gathering them while they are spilling wildly, creating a mess. So what? Nothing that can’t be fixed. Undaunted, at my kitchen table, I chop my words like carrots and zucchini, adding in fresh verbs, and delicate … Continue reading My writing is my home


I can smell the wetness I can taste it in the air As the worry starts to appear Pearlescent drops drip on solid ground Making small waves upon the streets Drenching us with regret While the darkness covers our sorrow The chilly wind whistles goodbyes As we depart until tmrw -QWEEN Follow On Credits Created by LEI LENNY BERNARDINO Poem by Qween Cover Photo by … Continue reading douse